Hello and welcome. My name is Jennifer Silcott. I have a Masters degree in City and Regional Planning from The Ohio State University and a B.A. of International Political Economy from the University of Puget Sound. These days I'm finishing up a Graduate Associate appointment, revising a research paper for presentation at the 2011 National ACSP Conference and working as a contractor for a local urban planning consulting firm. I'm interested in almost everything planning-related, but I have a particular research interest in food security, transportation and the role of technology in the planning process. I also write a bit of code. To be fair, I am most comfortable with aesthetic web development languages like HTML and CSS, but I mess around with AS3 (no, Flash isn't dead yet), understand the concept of relational databases and queries, and have started peeking into the wider world of coding.

I put myself through this because I think lightweight, internet-based technology is the future of planning field. Specifically, I think web applications have a huge role to play in conveying complex information to a wider audience. It's sad to say, but not many people want to read your fifty page, number crunching report.

Remember: Paper < Visual < Interactive.

With all that in mind, this website is my experiment. Like all good recent grads, I've included a portfolio and CV. "Inspiration" is exactly that - just interesting images that keep me going. More importantly, this website is going to be my landing site for coding experiments. My goal is to update the general structure as I become more aware of best practices, learn about other languages and figure out how to write cleaner code. That said, this site was designed in the Firefox browser. I'll get to design work arounds for other browsers if they're necessary (and I'm sure they are).

All the JavaScript on this site owes a debt to the fine people at JQuery. I also take advantage of the beautiful Fancy Box to display inspirations. And this guy. Phenomenal tutorials.